Do what you should, not what you must.

This is an idea page. I formulated all of the ideas, analyses, and writings that you will see here. After discussing with a few friends of mine many of the ideas that are now presented on this website, I was almost always told that I should produce some sort of book, or video to display these ideas. Although I will likely compile these writings into a book, or a number of videos in the future, I think that for now, a website will do.

Designed to appear as a thought gallery of sorts, I wanted this website to be organized, aesthetically appealing, and above all else, intellectually transparent. In an attempt to satisfy these desires, I will be releasing many kinds of work, at different levels of completion, and complexity, and pertaining to many different intellectual disciplines. In doing so, I hope that i'm able to provide a meaningful impact to something, someone, or at least inspire someone to provide the impact that I couldn't. I hope you'll gain something from your viewing, and because I can't speak to you when you leave — in advance, thank you for visiting.


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