Knowledge before thought is dogma.
Mystery is not a precondition for awe — wonder is.
The mystic mistakes the unknown for the divine, and the scientist mistakes the quantifiable for the absolute — both are irrational.
If life is to have any meaning, then that which amplifies liveliness must be meaningful.
The cynic is distrustful of others because they are distrustful of themselves. "If I am indeed so wretched, surely everyone must be. After all, it is the world that made me this way." Therefore, to maintain their sanity, the cynic must regard what is most holy as the most suspicious. For, if absolute good did exist, then the transparency of their evil would become too much to bare.
The relativist is lost spiritually. Their internal compass is without bearings, so they must comply neurotically with prevailing dogmas, as the comfort of consensus is more tolerable than the discomfort of being aimless.
The neglected child turns to art when they can no where else.
Cynicism is the ultimate cowardice. It is the rejection of values before contemplation, it is the stealing of victory before battle, it is the state that the fearful adopt when they've begun to fettishize their own pity — cynicism it is the opposite of courage.

Text author: Antjuan Finch

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