Beyond Useless

What does it mean to be useful?
I suppose that depends on what use you make of meaning.
What does one make of the meaning of their life, when they are useless?
I suppose, nothing.
If one makes meaning from being useful, and upon being born one has yet to be of use, does that mean that life has no inherent meaning?
Life exists primarily to serve the existence of future births. So by coming into existence people are born useful, in that they have aided their parents and others in not being useless.
If life is inherently meaningful, then are the lives of say, child murderers, inherently purposeful, or useful?
To murder a child is to be beyond useless. To murder if not for the purpose of guaranteeing the prosperity of future lives is to be certainly evil.
In what circumstances can prosperity be guaranteed?
It can be guaranteed in none, indefinitely.
Text author: Antjuan Finch

Published: July 2nd, 2018

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