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Copy your results for each test
Copy ALL of the page after the questions for the MMPI and only the results for the Big Five and Fluid IQ test.
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Wait 24-48hours for interpretations
You will be sent a 2-5 page document containing an in depth analysis of your results.
The MMPI-2 is the most widely used and widely researched test of adult psychopathology. It can provide an indication of how much a person may be suffering from PTSD, Depression, Schizophrenia, Anxiety, among many other conditions. The test can also provide information regarding whether or not the individual taking it has adopted effective coping strategies for dealing with their illnesses. It is 567 questions long.

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Big Five
The Big Five test is a personality test that was derived from statistical analyses of survey items. When analyzed, it was found that some words used to describe aspects of personality are often applied to the same person. For example, someone described as conscientious is more likely to be described as "always prepared" rather than "messy." [1] The five traits assessed by the test are openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.

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Short Fluid IQ Test
Fluid intelligence or fluid reasoning is the capacity to reason and solve novel problems, independent of any knowledge from the past.[2] It is the ability to analyze novel problems. It is necessary for all logical problem solving. Fluid reasoning includes inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning. [w]

The test linked is adaptive and contains 10 questions which are to be answered in 5 minutes. If you achieve the maximum score on this test, send a message to the email that is listed below, and you will be sent a link to a test which can more accurately measure your ability.

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What happens after you submit.
You'll be sent a 2-5 page paper containing a holistic interpretation of your scores. If the tests indicate that you have any psychological disorders, or any predispositions for any disorders, then the document that you'll receive will contain information regarding how to best treat them. This information will be based off of the genetic, epigenetic, and psychogenic factors that typically cause the symptoms that you are experiencing, and will be explained in a way that will be easy to follow. If you choose to send your scores then you are accepting that the data that you provide will be used to refine hypotheses and tests relating to the development of the traits assessed.

After submitting your results you may be asked a few follow up questions regarding the history of mental illness in your family, your parents educational attainment, and your past or current drug use. If you decline to answer these questions you will still receive your interpretations.

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