Personality and Cognition
Bem Sex Role Inventory
Androgynous, no significant leanings either masculine or feminine
Big Five Aspect Scale
99th Openness To Experience: 99th Intellect, 97th Openness
97th Conscientiousness: 99th Industriousness, 90th Orderliness
77th Extroversion: 36th Enthusiasm, 92nd Assertiveness
39th Agreeableness:
72nd Compassion, 19th Politeness
1st Neuroticism: 4th withdrawal, 1st volatility
Fluid IQ Scores
(SD 15) :
DynamIQ: 149.14
Jouve-Cerebrals Test of Induction: 142
Kinsey Scale
X. Non Sexual
Working Memory
(Human Benchmark) :
Verbal Memory- 99-100th Percentile
Visual Memory- 98th+ Percentile
Numerical Memory- 96th Percentile
Personality Scales for Intelligent Adults
The 3 Factors
Deviance: 72 | Ethics: 72 | System: 73
The 12 Scales
(Mean 50 | SD 10)
Antisocial: 43 | Aspergoid: 72 | Cold: 69 | Cruel: 41 | Extreme: 65 | Introverted: 58 | Just: 72 | Neurotic: 40 | Orderly: 71 | Rare: 73 | Rational: 69 | True: 73 |

Explanation: The P.S.I.A. is a personality test created by Paul Cooijmans. The test was normed on, and intended to be taken only by persons with I.Q's of 140 and higher. An in depth explanation of the test can be found here

Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic scale
Political Compass (8/21/2018)
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