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I speak. The meme of the day responds…

Tell me, is it a dialogue if that of which I talk to is an echo? — I think not. I think we too often defer to the most readily graspable string of associations for the concepts that we cannot easily tie together ourselves. Sadly, it seems that when given the choice between making ourselves and mistaking ourselves, we'd more often rather defer our thoughts than think them.

But can you blame us? Why ravage through an endless array of hypotheticals, or logical inquisitions, when a quick search on Google, or Bing, can retrieve the answers to any questions or ponderings that may be lost on us? And why learn to speak in your words, when the alternative is more socially acceptable?

I say, to learn to think, and because to not do so is to neglect your capacity for intellectual deviance, and to neglect your capacity for intellectual deviance is to exist in limbo — forever bounded by your limbic responses, and completely removed from the adventure of deciding. And learn to speak, because, why not? — when the alternative is so unoriginal.

If what you seek is a definitive path towards creativity, or self actualization, or even a point for which you can begin your quest — here, is not where you will find it.

So what lies below is not a map to originality, but a postmordem on its points of usual divergence.

Thank You For Joining Me

Avoidance of Arguments
The pitfalls of conversation always appear as chasms before you cross them.

For this reason, all dialogues should be approached as if they were voyages into the unknown — that is, curiously, but carefully.

Because by being only passengers aboard an evergrowing discussion, each participant must assume they don't already know everything there is to get anywhere at all.

Although avoiding arguments altogether will likely seem tempting, it is important that you become comfortable with battle, because If you never learn to defend your ideas, you will eventually become defenseless against your biases.

And death by ignorance leaves no one alive.

Aversion Through Aphorisms
Popular wisdom will seem far more popular when you can be the only one who knows it.

"Big things come from small beginnings" you'll say, in hopes that no one will notice how far that you have strayed from knowing anything at all.

But worry not, this detour is easily amended. With a hop and a skip, and a dose of humility, you can drive right back to the drive you once had when you still had the courage to admit that you knew nothing.

Avert, you need not. Steer into your weaknesses, in hopes that one day, there may be no waters that can shake you.

Association With Accolades
The journey does not end once you have passed enough milestones. You will be no more yourself with an identifier, than you were without one.

"But i've earned this!" you'll reply.

But you have earned nothing but a label of which that can do nothing but reduce you.

In your path towards excellence you will have become broken, binded, and more complex than any puzzle that you can express.

So when someone asks what you have been doing, or what you plan to do, it's okay to be bold, and say "it's complicated."

Bending for the Broken
Fragmented from compromising, and diluted from deviating, those that have become exceptionally in-excellent on their path will be pathological, and will trip you if you do not step on them.

Bend, you may, but break you will if you do not have the balance to withstand a tug from those that have already fallen.

Citing the Choir
Popular opinion, not unlike popular wisdom, grants a deceiving sort of strength to those that are weak enough to hold them as facts.

The powers granted to the troglodytes develops similarly that which does of numbers of high amounts — that is, cumulatively but not qualitatively. As a result, in order to functionally hold so many of the opinions of others, they must shed their own.

What is left is a person that is not a person at all, but a being whom's humanity has been left so scattered and unattended to that their souls are as absent as their ideas.

Indeed, the quickest route towards dispersion lies after the willful regurgitation of a slogan.

Demonizing the Deviant
Your first steps will start with the wrong ones. Your last shuffle will be your most right.

It is through this process of deviating, disintegrating, recollecting and realigning, that one arrives at, and in the position that they are most themselves.

So to demonize the deviant is to pick a fight with your better nature and die at the hands of your own hypocrisy.

Limbo awaits those that fail to properly demonize this tendency.

Elongating the Ephemeral
Grace travels swiftly. The ungraceful try to hold on to what they cannot contain.

The forceful try to elongate that which travels quicker than they do. The balanced know how to change at the rate of which the world does.

Only the balanced get to be graceful.

Only the graceful get to be excellent indefinitely.

Feeding the Flames
There's a pit in your stomach that engulfs more of you everytime you swallow your pride.

But there is a calm that will wash over you everytime extinguish a fear.

And there is a hell that you can make your permanent location if you ever learn to be afraid of defending that which you know to be true.

So it is only by being proud of their allegiance to truth, can one be fearful enough of what is untrue, that they can be certain that they aren't feeding the flames, and steering everyone a little closer towards creating hell on earth.

Glorifying Your Gods
We all worship something, some of us just worship our own ignorance.

Because we all need ideals, because ideals are what separates men from animals, and animals from machines. But when an ideal is held over reason, certainty must be placed over thought.

And what is a man without a thought, if not just an animal with tools? And what does a man make of the world, when his only tools are certainty and ideology?

I'm not sure, but i'm certain that it is not a path towards growth.

Hypocrisy to Hedonism
The quickest way to hate yourself is to lie to yourself, and the easiest way to deal with hating yourself is to get high off of your own hypocrisy. — But don't worry, you'll fall eventually.

The assimilated force from the weight of your denial, times the speed of its accumulation, may even be enough to convince you that these are just part of the 'ups and downs of life' when you finally hit rock bottom.

Let this provide a vision. The path towards addiction is one that those that travel on cannot see.

For practical purposes, it's best to stay clear-headed.

Imitating the Individual
Rebellion can seem a lot like insight to those that have never seen for themselves.

Because when one lacks self-awareness, that which is simply the opposite of common may seem reflective of deviance enough to suddenly appear 'deep.' But such an action is deep in the same way that two juxtaposed mirrors are — that is, not at all.

Because any action that is done simply because it rarely is, is one that is based on group consensus, and any action that is based on group consensus is inherently conformist.

Choices made by individuals are free-form — all others are just the citing's of choirs from different churches.

Just as Unjust
Right and wrong are not relative, just as progress and regression aren't either.

We can know when we aren't moving forward, just as we can know that all movements away from the ideal, are just different tilts towards going backwards.

And just as we can know how to, and how not to act, we can know how to correct for the actions that set us backwards.

But I digress... Justice is fury divided by necessity.

Knowing the Unknowable
"You can't know that," said the person who must know everything.

Because for someone to know what it is that I couldn't know, they'd have to know what is they claim that I can't. And if what I can't know is in fact unknowable, then the person who says "You can't know that" must in fact know unknowable facts!

… Indeed, such a person must be lost in more ways than I can succinctly explain within this poem.

Living by Luck
Things happen to those who don't make things happen.

What happens to those who live by happenstance is stagnation, regression, and inevitably, a deterioration into a bitter, spiteful, spineless versions of themselves hoping to have their problems solved by doing the opposite of working towards their conclusions.

For, "It'll work itself out" is a mantra that works, but also one that works to solve nothing.

Indeed, the path towards growth is riddled with enough monsters, try not to become the snake that eats itself.

Make a Man a Menace
Seldom are there ever people so despicable that even from their own eyes their actions are unjustifiable.

For if anything certain can be said about how we form our decisions, it's that, from our perspectives, we always presume to do so rationally. So by this logic, we can conclude that nearly all forms of evil, from the most horrific to the most common, were inferred as being rational by those who perpetrated them.

So if you ever find yourself surrounded by monsters, it may be worth wondering whether you just have a yearning to make yourself one.

I wonder what gets made when we find ourselves alone? I suppose ourselves.

Not Needed
The human mind requires companionship, or at least that's what the one's who do tell us.

But it's tempting to wonder whether or not it's all just some elaborate dependency, born out of our tendency to never be alone. I suspect that nearly all our longings may just be biases, biases that eventually grew to become features of what we call ourselves. Indeed, it's tempting to wonder whether or not we really need anyone at all, or if we just need another reason to not think for ourselves.

But maybe the fondness of others are like the riddles of sages! —that is, sometimes useful when traveling but debilitating when confused for maps.

Outsourcing Your Ownership
Why have any goals when you can have someone else's? — Because It's not about where you're going, but who gets there first.

This is the mantra of the driveless, or, those that are so without a path that they must ghost ride their ambitions — souls left at where they started from. They may arrive at where they're headed but only ever without any ownership.

If you see them while you're traveling be sure to be graceful in your parting, because it's easy to confuse momentum with direction, and crashes are far more painful when their arriving was intended as a destination.

They won't know what hit em'.

Performative Pity
On the outskirts of the path lies those who are not marginalized but would like to be. Worry not, they may appear damaged, but their scars are of self-mutilation.

If you'd like to help them, do so by not doing so, as the opposite does nothing but praise their performance, and as this may feed their ego, it will not strengthen it.

Only the path less traveled can provide the calluses that carve out an identity. Though it may seem callous in the moment, sometimes abandonment is the only treatment for loneliness.

Qualms Without Questions
There are indeed canyons within conversations, some of which can be leapt. But be careful that you don't jump to a conclusion, as without a proper aim this can only be sinful.

So if you often find qualms within conversations, it may be worth asking yourself "do I aim forwards or backward, or only to self-indulge?"

If you have a qualm with that question then you've made a habit of self-reference, and your logic will more likely end with you shooting yourself then it will with a bullseye that's near anywhere worth heading.

With regards to the best path to dealing questions, my answer is two-fold: it's best not to ask questions you'd not like the answer to, and its best to not find answers to questions you aren't willing to ask.

Renouncing Past Reverences
I'm afraid that our memories may be all too personal, and all too useful to be trusted at all after their formings.

For if our reveries were always true to the circumstances, then surely we'd remember how often we were lost, and how often we became exactly what we needed to be to show others the way. And surely, with these memories would come the knowledge that our north stars — our guides for when we had strayed — may have all just been eclipses that we caught a glimpse of during an atypical orbit...

But no matter! It is said that stars often form from the gases of the abyss. So why can't our virtues?

Sophistry and Songbirds
"Lift me up with your flight of ideas and heavenly grammar. Let me sing your praises so that I may ignore the clamor from the clash of my conscience with the sensibility of ideas. Be the music to my ears for when I can't mind any."

Here lies the battle cry of those without a voice, and of those who worship sophists to soften the pain of nihilism. Little do they know that they could end their suffering if they'd only accept that one can suffer to end.

But no. These birds would rather bear the burden of existence without learning to lift the weight; I'm sure that the denial must be soul crushing.

Thesis for Thou?
"Here is an answer to that question you didn't ask. Yes, yes, i'm aware that this is totally unsolicited, but the might of my wisdom is greater than the force of your foresight. May I offer you some advice?"

This is what the sane man hears when lost dogs begin to bark before being spoken to. Luckily, muts tend to rest easy after a quick walking to the pound.

Show em' a clean tongue. Maybe then they'll stop talking out of their ass.

The Unjustifiable
It is better to be a villain than to falsely mount the mask of a hero. Really, I know of nothing more shameful than a coward that is too cowardly to even be one in earnest. Here is the makeup of the most sinful.

Attire: leisure. Attitude: smug, preemptively victorious. Attacks: backhanded conversational suggestions. Defenses: the social contract.

Sadly, because this type tends to cower from conflict, I know of way to properly atone for their arrogance —
but usually, a mere unflinching response will do.

Veers from Verisimilitude
What could be so dangerous that it'd be deemed unspeakable? Or better yet…

Who could be so blind that they'd see to it that the truth be unseeable?! My better guess is that some would rather stub their toe in the darkness than take a single step unharnessed, or to live a fairy-tale even when they know it's dishonest — but it won't matter.

The truth will always find you.

The Way of Words
What can and cannot be summarized with words?— who's to say?

A renunciation of the describabilty of language would require a description of what it could not include, thus rendering any statement with such a conclusion to contain a contradiction of terms — and indeed, we have a word for those, it's incoherent.

I suspect that repeat offenders — the habitually inconsistent — are often so far gone that they're not even aware of their confusion, they're simply conduits for it.

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